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1 month ago

Nagano, naturally.

Super low tech seed starting here. No heater, no fan, not even heat mats or a light! It was an experiment to see if I could start seeds in February in Nagano. Just easy seeds that I know are cold hardy to start with but we have success!! 12 days later and the kale are up. Yeah! The second pic shows the humidifier 😉 and the temperature gauge. Definitely not warm in there (might need to finish the walls before that happens) but outside it was in the minuses and there was 1cm of ice on standing water. All in all I’m pretty chuffed and it means for the greens lovers (hopefully!) an earlier start to the season! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Nagano, naturally.

Winter farming.

Ahhhh it’s a tough life.....

Actually it makes me itchy to get out there and get DOING but then I remember it’s still frozen out there.

So I pour myself another hot apple juice and read on.
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