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Winter farming.

Ahhhh it’s a tough life.....

Actually it makes me itchy to get out there and get DOING but then I remember it’s still frozen out there.

So I pour myself another hot apple juice and read on.
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We're baaaaaackkkkk!

And I still have apples! (YEAH!!!) Sorry for the long wait.

But! We're having a 'warm' winter (it's all relative believe me- no Australian would call this 'warm!') and that means the apples are not at their peak crunchiness that they were in December. (Oh nooo!)

But! That means we're doing a crazzzzzzyyyyyyy apple sale. You get 7-8 kilos of apples (whatever will fit in the box from the supermarket but guaranteed minimum 7 kilos) for 1000 yen INCLUDING postage. WOWWWW!!

I have 10 lots up for sale now and after I pack those I may have more so watch this space.

Happy New Year and Happy 2018 and keep warmer than 'warm' Nagano!
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