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10 hours ago

Nagano, naturally.

I don’t think I’ve introduced this garden to fb yet. This is my “bento garden” as it’s beside the house so I run out in my pjs for mini tomatoes and peas and lettuce while I make lunches in the morning.

I was up on the deck making sure the washing was far enough under the roof not to be getting rewashed when I was struck by the noise of the rain and how it was bouncing off the roof of the old house and then I thought “garden doesn’t look bad, either!” And here you are!

On the trellis in the foreground? Pea vines that are completely mildewed but for the last 10cm and still producing peas. I’m not a fan of giving up on crops (I’m too soft!) and sometimes it pays off! #naganonaturally #rainyseason #bentogarden
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5 days ago

Nagano, naturally.

I love the tenacity of plants. This water spinach was leveled at the base by a cutworm and I never got around to pulling the root out and now look- it’s growing back! Ohhhhhh ❤️ I gave this one an extra few words of encouragement today. #naganonaturally #growingwaterspinach🍃☘🍀 #tenacity ... See MoreSee Less

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