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1 day ago

Nagano, naturally.

***The shop at naganonaturally.com/shop has been updated***

We don’t ease into Autumn in the Alps. It was hot, hot, hot and then Friday night we were all suddenly looking for socks and long pjs. Sigh..... the end is nigh.... No need to be too sad though- that just means it’s time for autumn veggies! The first pic is a baby beetroot seedling that sprouted in two days! That’s a whole lot better than my summer sowing experiment.

The taste of Nagano, naturally boxes will still have heritage tomatoes in them and also spaghetti squash and the first of the other squash are on their way, too. That wild looking one is a Tromboncino squash and they are HEAVY!

Rhubarb is back and kale is loving the cooler temperatures.

If you want to see non-shop, behind-the-scenes Nagano, naturally news you can checkout our Instagram. I try not to spam the FB group with too many stories!
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1 week ago

Nagano, naturally.

(edited to add the picture- doh!) If you follow Nagano, naturally on Instagram you’re probably totally over my endless series of shots of the family of ducks that volunteered to weed our rice paddy this year but here you go, one more for you!

Nagano, naturally will be taking a break from sending things out next week. Definitely not a holiday or a break from farming (hahaha imagine what the weeds would eat up to if we did that!) but there was a sign up at the post office saying obon traffic meant they were expecting delivery delays and I want your veggies to arrive looking fresh and happy and not travel weary!

If you want to risk it of course we’ll still send your order out- just message us!

Enjoy the break for those taking a break and enjoy the quieter commute to those not!
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