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15 hours ago

Nagano, naturally.

I love the field at dusk. The mountains are to the west of us so we don’t see the whole sunset but the sky is beautiful and you can feel the chill in the air that you get from being this close to the alps. And it’s quiet as all the sensible farmers have headed home so there’s no tractor or tiller or sprayer around. Just me and my hoe. I swear If you listen hard enough you can hear the plants growing or relaxing in the cooler air and settling in for the night. I’m not religious but I definitely feel at peace like this. #naganonaturally #eveninginthefield ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Nagano, naturally.

This is terribly unhumble of me but the rhubarb is FABULOUS this year. I’m sure the warm spring and the right amount of rain at the right time had a lot to do with it but I’d also like to think that year after year of sandwiching chook bedding materials (rice husks and chook poo) between our own rice straw and then topping with a thick layer of autumn leaves at the end of the season is helping too. It’s a slow process but I think we’re getting there. I still haven’t cracked the secret to keeping the rhubarb red (despite planting the reddest varieties available year after year) but that’s my next challenge. For now I’m just enjoying how healthy and happy the rhubarb looks and planting even more. #naganonaturally #growingrhubarb #happyveggies #unhumble ... See MoreSee Less

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