Welcome to Nagano, naturally.

I don’t want to be here.

It’s your fault!

No, really.

Nagano, naturally started with one post on a forum for foreign women living in Japan. I was asked if I thought my friends would be interested in buying some apples.

I asked.

They were.

And boom!

Nagano, naturally was born. And for almost a year it pretty much remained people I knew personally and the volume of sales remained manageable and facebook continued to be the easiest way for a farmer/ teacher who hates computers to connect farm fresh produce (because we soon branched out from apples to rice and rhubarb and vegetables and and and!) with people who appreciate it.

But Autumn 2016 has been a wonderful and crazy and overwhelming and exciting and stressful time. Sooooo much love from happy customers telling their friends and their friends and their friends about us and all of a sudden facebook messages is a time consuming and inexact way to run a farm-business. So time consuming I was using up all my farming hours inside on the computer- and that’s just crazy! And the random combination of orders via Nagano, naturally PMs, comments on photos, comments on posts, PMs to my personal facebook account and even the odd email is very confusing and overwhelming and leaves me in constant fear of disappointing people. And that just won’t do because as you know, happy customers is a core business philosophy here!

And so, Nagano, naturally started a website.

No, really. I did. One Saturday night until 3am……

And it is imperfect and misshapen and quite possibly has a bruise or blemish I don’t even know about (kind of like the produce really!) but hopefully (pretty pleased, fingers crossed!) it will make ordering much easier for you all and keeping track of orders much much easier for Nagano, naturally!

And I do have a tech savvy friend waiting in the wings for if everything goes completely pear shaped. Haha, get it? Pear shaped???

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway, welcome to the website and as with all things Nagano, naturally- if something here doesn’t work for you please let me know so I can fix it!



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  1. Thanks for being there. Order coming soon. I have just found you tonight via the ‘Egarés Francophones’ in Nagoya and want to say welcome. Please put me down for rhubarb, the minute it grows. 🙂

    I’ll be back for wholewheat flour shortly. But meanwhile just thanks and I look forward to a shipment from Nagano soon.

    • Thank you for your comment and I look forward to providing you with rhubarb. It looks like being a good season!

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