Happy customers only

If ANYTHING you purchase from Nagano, naturally doesn’t arrive in good condition please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will replace it or refund your money immediately. Everything I sell is the same stuff we eat day in, day out (well, I don’t actually take a bite out of every tomato but I do pick for us at the same time as customers!) and I sell it in good faith that it is of a high quality.

That is one of the reasons Nagano, naturally doesn’t take payment until AFTER delivery- you only pay for our produce if you’re happy with it!

We polish rice in 30 kilo lots and I can’t send 30 kilos at a time so I am literally eating the same rice you buy as what isn’t sent goes into our rice cooker.
The wheat I mill to sell comes from the same bag I am using for our bread and cake and pancakes.

The beets, potatoes, greens, tomatoes, apples and rhubarb you purchase? I’m eating that same crop (often on the same day even as it’s easier to harvest for us at the same time.)

So please, if it’s not good, let me know so I can stop eating it too!