Akibae Apples SECONDS NOT ORGANIC 5 kilos


Akibae apples 5 kilos

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These are apples that aren’t able to be sold via JA as they are seconds. They have scars, discoloured patches, sunburn, cracked tops and/ or dimples. I can attest that they still taste yummy!

Akibae ‘Autumn beauty’ apples are a Nagano original. They are what I imagine Snow White ate with their super dark red almost black skin.

The Nagano, naturally taste testers convened and our review is crunchier than a Fuji, not as juicy as a Meigetsu, a little sour to start but with a sweet after taste. ‘Like aeroplane apple juice’ was the strangest review. They are a medium size apple you can cut up and share or eat all on your own.

For a better review with fewer mentions of aeroplanes check out https://specialtyproduce.com/produce/Akibae_Apples_16623.php

These apples are grown Amelia. They are grown using traditional methods so have been sprayed numerous times throughout the year with fungicides and other chemicals. These are not organic in any way. However Amelia’s family does not use hormone sprays nor herbicides (just look at all those weeds around her trees!  ) so these apples have lower contact with chemicals than many commercially grown apples.

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