Shinano Gold Apples SECONDS NOT ORGANIC 10 kilos

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Shinano Gold apples 10 kilos

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These are apples that aren’t able to be sold via JA as they are seconds. They have scars, discoloured patches, sunburn, cracked tops and/ or dimples. I can attest that they still taste yummy!

Shinano Gold are a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Senshuu (千秋) apple. Here is the official JA info on them:

They are still sweet but crisp and have a little more sourness than the Shinano Sweet.

As you can see in the second picture these apples do not break down when cooked. It is a lot of work to make apple sauce from them but for pies and other baked goods they work great.

These apples are grown Amelia. They are grown using traditional methods so have been sprayed numerous times throughout the year with fungicides and other chemicals. These are not organic in any way. However Amelia’s family does not use hormone sprays nor herbicides (just look at all those weeds around her trees!  ) so these apples have lower contact with chemicals than many commercially grown apples.

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3 reviews for Shinano Gold Apples SECONDS NOT ORGANIC 10 kilos

  1. Fiona

    First off, I can’t believe these were seconds. Most of them were prefect. They were also delicious, crunchy and addictive. As they were seconds they came in all shapes and sizes. There were plenty of small ones which are perfect for our Halloween party next week. Thanks again Nagano Naturally.

    • naganonaturally

      Thank you for the review!

      It really is extraordinary the quality of the apples that are rejected for commercial sale here isn’t it?

      all the more for us though!

  2. Kate (verified owner)

    Our apples arrived today. They are sweet, crispy and perfect for eating. They look like apples you’d find in any grocery store or farm in Canada. Not the perfect ones you find at stores here in Japan but barely blemished and no bruising. They are on the small side for Japan (I find apples too big here usually), but again, a regular Canadian size. The kids devoured a few tonight.

  3. Wendy Carroll

    Just finished the last of the apples today, wish I could get some more. Love thechrunchyness and flavour of the shinano gold. The smaller size was perfect for taking to school for snacks between classes. I shared some with some friends and they loved the smaller size as well. Luckily there is some stewed apples and rhubarb in the freezer for later, though I don’t know how long I can resist it.

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