Shinano Lip Apples (for baking/ juicing/ eating fast) 5kg *Not


Shinano Lip Apples 5kg for baking/ juicing/ eating fast

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Shinano Lip (don’t shoot the messenger, I don’t name them!) are a cross between a Shinano Red and a Senshu apple that is itself a cross between a Fuji and a Toko which is a cross between….. apple genetics are complicated!

Anyway, back to Shinano Lip, they’re red and shiny like lips hence the name.
An early season apple they are not long lasting. They’re comparatively crunchy for an early season apple and have a moderate sweetness rating which makes them slightly more tangy than a Fuji. They are great in muffins or cake or eaten raw.

These are sold as baking/ juicing/ eating fast as they all have issues. They have scars or scrapes or sunburnt spots. They won’t last especially in warm places but if you are up for eating some apples ASAP these are for you!


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