Toyoshiro potatoes- bigguns


Toyoshiro bigguns 1 kilo

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This is the closest I’ve managed to grow to a ‘loaded baked potato’ style potato. The texture is in between a waxy and floury potato. The official Nagano naturally taste testers decided it was ‘sticky’ which doesn’t sound very potato-like but is pretty accurate.

According to the internet it’s the potato most used in Japanese chip (fried potato) and chips (crisp) production.

I am selling the biggest ones as roasters. This means you may only get 4-5 in your kilo lot but you’ll be in loaded baked potato area size-wise.

All our potatoes are grown from commercial (non-organic) seed potatoes but we do not use any sprays or inputs at all. We don’t even weed often!

Please refer to the pictures in the photo gallery- our potatoes are not perfect. They have freckles, they are unique in their shape and some have dimples. None of this affects their taste.


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